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The Comprehensive Financial Review Process

Our approach to the comprehensive financial review process involves six general steps:

  • Clarification of your present personal affairs by collecting all relevant financial data.
  • Identification of your personal and financial goals.
  • Computation of your current financial situation for achieving your personal and financial goals.
  • Development of a financial strategy by evaluating the costs, benefits and risks of certain alternatives.
  • Implementation of those agreed upon specific actions.
  • Monitoring your situation on an on-going basis.
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Financial Planning for Executives

Prospero is able to provide comprehensive financial planning to executives. Our services can leave you free to focus on your work and not your finances.

Financial Planning for Professionals

Prospero provides comprehensive financial planning to the professional community.  We have provided specialized experience to the medical community as well as the general professional community.

Financial Planning for
Business Owners

 We have substantial experience with buy/sells, compensation planning, as well as all the other areas affecting the closely held owner's financial situation. 

Financial Planning for Individuals

Our extensive experience providing financial expertise to companies and corporations and their executives and employees positions us well for giving individuals expert financial planning advice as well!

How We Work

Fee only: We charge an hourly rate for services and a percentage of assets under management for discretionary services. This way we only make money if you make money. We have no commission income.

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